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How much will a Service Call Cost?

Without diagnosing the problem it is not possible to determine the cost of the repair. For the service call fee we will come over at your convenience, diagnose the problem, and give you a written estimate of the work required and its cost. This estimate would also include an itemized listing of parts that might need to be replaced.

Do I have to be home for my repair?
As long as we can contact a person who can make decisions about the repair you do not have to be home.

Do you install appliances?
We provide repair or maintenance services, but do not sell or install appliances.

Do you pick up appliances?
We do not pick up or re-sell used appliances.

What kind of parts do you have in stock?
Our technicians have access to a large collection of parts. In many cases we will be able to perform the repair in one visit. If a brand specific or older part is needed we have to place an order for those parts. In this case we will come back and install the part as soon as we receive it.

How long does it take for an ordered part to come in?
The time it takes for an ordered part to come in depends on the availability and the vendor. We will do everything possible to expedite the process.

How do I know if my ordered part is in?

As soon as we receive the ordered part we will call you to schedule a convenient time for one of our technicians to come over.